Smashed avocado on sourdough or beans on toast?

Once you’ve spent some time thinking/working digitally, it’s hard to understand how people do it any other way. However, for the majority of our colleagues, (especially in local government), this is not only new, but in direct contrast to the way things are usually done.

Communication & engagement was the focus last week, as Lingjing & I spent many hours talking through our thinking with members of my team and directorate.


• I conducted a user research interview this week to start thinking about how we provide performance and management to our directorate management team. It’s interesting to see how the principle of user-centred design applies to different problems. The Government Design Service offers training on designing user centred public services. I haven’t done it yet myself but will be booking a space. See details here.

• We had our first virtual meet-up of 2021 for the LGBTQIA+ Allies staff network this Monday.😍😍😍🌈🌈🌈

It was particularly special as one of our members was back for their first time after a stint with a serious illness. I think I spent the whole time just smiling at everyone. Yay for community.

Lessons learned

Keep people in the loop. Lingjing & I were like women on a mission this week, sharing with my management team what we have been working on.

Keep it simple. “Smashed avocado on sourdough bread”, is a phrase I use to describe what I think a lot of us in the digital community sound like. 🥴🙃 And by that I mean it’s giving ‘gentrification’, rather than ‘get-it-done’ energy. Content design principles ( encourage us to communicate with our end user in a way that as many people as possible understand. I’ve been keeping a note of every time I hear a word or phrase that sounds “smashed avocado-y”. The plan being to get some sort of thesaurus together…

What I’m reading

Content Design by Sarah Richards, the ‘inventor’ of content design at the GDS. This is the second on my list of must-reads for anyone doing anything digital in the government space.

An article on Victoria Secrets’, (lingerie retailer), ambitious rebrand. They have chosen models for “their achievements not their proportions.” It’s about time & I hope we can adopt that same energy in our sector!

What I’m listening to

Moslado by Teni.TENI – MOSLADO | No Music Lyrics Video | Wondaland The Album | 🎶.

Uptempo Afrobeat vibes to keep me company while I pack.

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